Wednesday, June 30, 2010

136 - Use MOUSE with COMPUTER

You pull out your MOUSE and talk to HER for a minute. (Or is it a HE? You really don't want to check.) You ask the MOUSE to plug into the COMPUTER so that you don't have to suffer through that MEME BOMBARDMENT via the AI.

Thankfully the little gal appears to be quite scuzzy. Or should I say she's a SMALL COMPUTER SYSTEM INTERFACE RODENT? In any case, she seems entirely able to (by some inexplicable fashion) plug into the computer. While you've never used a control like this before, the MOUSE seems fully ready to help you shut down all TRASH COMPACTORS on the DETENTION LEVEL.

Oh, crap. This thing is protected by a PASSWORD.



mike said...

Think better of just entering random passwords, retrieve scussy, and decide to exit room via door to south

Unknown said...

Enter/Say "DON'T SCREW UP"

(I don't want to admit how long I scoured for clues that would fit...)

Ivellios said...

Enter/Say "OHHAI HOWRE U?"

Anonymous said...

ugghhh this took me a while (: