Wednesday, June 16, 2010

126 - Go WEST

You proceed to the WEST and find yourself in a CIRCULAR HUB, illuminated (mostly) by four TORCHES. There are a series of numbered DOORWAYS in the wall; you just emerged from #4. There is an additional DOORWAY leading to a LADDER going up. A STAIRCASE proceeds down, as does what appears to be a FLOOR VENT screwed into the floor.

Oh my! Near the center of the room is a CORPSE. It looks like a NINJA who has been stabbed, and quite recently, too. According to his SHIRT, he was named ELLIOT. A TANTO BLADE sticks out of his CHEST, presumably the cause of death. Near him are three NINJA STARS and a LIGHT GEM, which is gleaming brightly, indicating that it (and its possessor) are not well hidden at all. Poor guy. Oh, and he has a purple WICKED AWESOME HANDKERCHIEF in a pocket on his WICKED AWESOME NINJA SUIT. This place may be more dangerous than you had given it credit for.

Additionally, there are four STATUES of--- RHYS? Whu--- how--- why---? Why are there statues of your friend RHYS in a STRANGE COMPLEX near the bottom of the OCEAN (or wherever)? Each has a small PLAQUE on its base, though they are written in a STRANGE LANGUAGE that you cannot make out. This is quite a MYSTERY and one that you are positive will be solved eventually!

Uh oh. You hear the sound of several "people" coming up the STAIRWAY from below. You probably have time to do a thing or two before they get all the way up, but you'd better hurry!

(The DUCK watches disapprovingly. Perhaps you are more interesting (or in need of disapproval) than that ANGLERFISH?)



Mike R said...

Equip styiser to free up pocket, remove vent cover, pick up nijas stars and light gem, hide light gem, and then hop in vent, using hose to hang from botom of replaced vent. but like a ninja. have to honor the fallen.

Unknown said...

Tuck LIGHT GEM into cleavage, for ease of viewing.

Place TRAFFIC CONE at the top of stairs, with STOP SIGN stuck in the top. (Attempting to dissuade the "people" from coming onto this floor, should they be of the sign-respecting variety).

Place the RADIO on the CORPSE, so they think it was them talking on it earlier (should they come up).

James said...

Take off the nija's mask of course, the hair looks all too can replace it after for all I care, but my curiousity must be slated.

James said...

I change my mind, it doesnt have the swirl at the tip like the sunglasses wearing friend whose name escapes me. Plus I think desecrating a corpse may cross some moral lines.

But I agree with the above, cone and stop sign ftw. Gives us a chance to explore.