Wednesday, June 9, 2010

117 - Use HOSE to fill TERRARIUM

Using your GARDEN HOSE, you empty the JUGS OF WATER through the VENT, through the MESH LID, and into the TERRARIUM itself. You feel like a devilishly clever girl, and you can feel the admiration radiating from M. BISON as he tirelessly holds the LADDER.

After emptying all four JUGS into the TERRARIUM, it teeters perilously close to breaking. Come on.

Come on.

Come on!

Oh, for the love of---

The SHELF breaks off and the (now more aptly called) AQUARIUM falls onto the button. A red light begins flashing in the CONTROL ROOM and you can only assume that this means the DOOR will open.

And it does! The DOOR slides open and you climb back down to the floor. Finally, you're free to leave this soggy room. Really, that flooding was way too slow to be a good motivating force. No dramatic tension at all. Still, small victories are still victories, so you equip your TRAFFIC CONE as a MAKESHIFT WIZARD HAT in celebration. (M. BISON does not approve, but does not want to jeopardize his chances for promotion by mentioning it.)

The door is open and an apparent corridor awaits!

>Check the OTHER VENT


Unknown said...

Check the -other- vent.

Obes said...

strike victory pose.

Jaimie said...

Look for RYHS