Fan Art 1 - CageyJay
Here's some great fan art from Wicked Awesome reader CageyJay featuring all four of our intrepid heroes!

Extra 1 - Prize for Matt
Request: RHYS on a 20 ft. tall WICKED AWESOME MECHA-SUIT, bristling with every kind of firearm imaginable, GRINNING like a MANIACAL, CRIME-FIGHTING MADMAN.

Extra 2 - Prize for Ryan
Request: RHYS leading a squadron of TEDDY BOARS against an EVIL CLONE OF RHYS that is leading an army of TEDDY BISON in a kind of EPIC FINAL SHOWDOWN MOMENT. (The full post can be found here.)

Creative Process: Rough Picture for #180
I sometimes sketch out an idea to get a better glimpse of it before I start working in Paint. Here's the original art for the Candimps and Queen playing Settlers of Catan from comic 180. You can see that it changed quite a bit, losing one Candimp and needing a pretty thorough redesign for the Queen.

Creative Process: Confederbot Evolution
I thought this was pretty interesting, so here's a chart of how the Confederbot design got to its current form with an explanation after. (Or it will be as soon as uploading works again...)
  1. The original design from before Wicked Awesome was even started. It was, as you can see, insanely small.
  2. The version from when I doubled the size. This is the size of sprite I used for Wicked Awesome at the beginning.
  3. First concept design for a Confederbot with the current scale.
  4. Modifications to make it look better. Jaw improved.
  5. Shading applied, eye color improved.
  6. Since the original seemed pretty bland, the red is added.
  7. The exhaust/whatever pipe is improved.
  8. The neck decoration is redesigned, a few minor tweaks, and the Confederbot is finished.
While I'm here, here's a look at the original design for Fort Ferris (which wasn't used because Rhys went into a coma a turn or two before he got there) compared with the current version. Can you tell which one is which? Can you???