Thursday, June 24, 2010

133 - Go UP

This is the alt text. Awesome!
You violently curse at RHYS O'CALLAHAN, filling another 1/3 of your SWEAR JAR (now 2/3 full).

In your IMAGINATION, you wish that your STYLIZER was, in fact, a STYLASER, which would be a totally wicked awesome weapon/fashion accessory. With your STYLASER you'd cut through the BLAST DOORS (since LIGHT SABERS can cut through anything (other than BESKAR, CORTOSIS, PHRIK, or LOVE)). Man. That would be sweet.

(The DUCK disapproves of this whimsical NERD INDULGENCE.)

You head UP the LADDER.

Man. This is a long LADDER.

A really, really long LADDER.

Yeah, you're going to be going up this LADDER until MONDAY.

(You make a MENTAL NOTE that should you ever find your friend ALAN, you need to convince him to make the STYLASER HAIR DRYER-LIGHTSABER a reality. He could do that.)

>Finish going UP

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