Tuesday, June 29, 2010

135 - b a l337 h4x0r

Since you're in HERE anyway, you decide to make use of your rather elite HACKING SKILLS. You have those, right? Well, it's kinda moot since there's no KEYBOARD or visible CONTROLS. Maybe it's voice activated?

JILL: Computer!
COMP: o hai!
JILL: Oh, good! I wasn't sure you could talk.
COMP: o rly?
JILL: Yeah, really. Did, did you just start playing music?
COMP: rickroll!
JILL: Stop that, just--- oh, thanks, it stopped.
JILL: Argh! Please! At least turn down the volume! The bass is killing me.
JILL: Grr. Whatever. How do I get you to actually do something useful?
JILL: I have to feed you a cheeseburger? Anything else?
JILL: Oh, come on! If you don't help me, I'm gonna---
JILL: I won't, just stop that! Was Elliot--- Am I asking too many questions?
JILL: Who wrote all that stuff on the walls?
COMP: ask a ninja.
JILL: Well, how did Elliot get out?
JILL: That's it, log off! Shut up! Stop talking!
COMP: whut no. EPIC FAIL!
JILL: Please?
COMP: k thanx bye

Worst AI ever. EVER.



Mike said...

input command to AI.

Unknown said...

Plug in your mouse.

Proceed to Use-Her Interface. (say that one out loud...)