Sunday, June 20, 2010

129 - Converse with SMALL MOUSE

You kneel down and offer your HAND as a PLATFORM for the SMALL MOUSE. The MOUSE, sensing your Generally Good alignment, does not fear you, accepting your offer and climbing onto your HAND. (Your alignment isn't entirely favorable, but compared to most of the CANDAEMONS that the MOUSE generally sees around here, you're a SAINT.) You begin conversing in hushed tones.

JILL: Hello, there.
MOUSE: "Squeek!"
JILL: Oh, you're just a normal mouse.
MOUSE: "Squeek!"
JILL: Huh. Well, how about this: one squeek for yes and two for no. OK?"
MOUSE: "Squeek!"
JILL: Good! Just a quick question, I guess. Are there any HEADCRABS down here?
MOUSE: "Squeek!"
JILL: Oh--- oh, my. Are you sure???
MOUSE: "Squeek!"
JILL: Just one or--- There are a lot of them, aren't there?
MOUSE: "Squeek!"
JILL: Oh my! Well, have you seen a CROWBAR around? Say, behind the SPINNING FAN? Maybe a RED ONE? Like the one most famously wielded by the famed HEADCRAB-GENOCIDIST, the fictional DOCTOR GORDON FREEMAN?
MOUSE: "Squeek!"
JILL: Thank you, my small friend.

>Go WEST (Again)


Unknown said...

>Place MOUSE (carefully) in pocket.
>Venture WEST.

Joel said...

THROW mouse into spinning fan blades. VENTURE west.

Tobias said...

Joel is a monster!

Mike said...

use 1/3 full jar of emotions as a light. also bottle chronic FEAR of head crabs in jar.

Unknown said...

I thought about putting the mouse to the fan as well...


(MOUSE has died of DYSENTERY)

Jaxon Oakley said...

Daily share your new thoughts.