Friday, June 18, 2010

??? - Meanwhile

This picture shows what I actually look like. I glow. It makes playing a rogue while LARPing quite difficult.
You are now (briefly) a much beloved INTERNET WEBCOMIC CREATOR. Having teleported into your LUXURIOUS CHAMBER OF ARTISTRY, you log onto your WICKED AWESOME WEBSITE and look what SUGGESTIONS have been made by your ESTEEMED READERSHIP.

Oh my.

There is no way you can do all of this tonight.

Instead, you opt to COP OUT with a brief FOURTH-WALL BREAK, allegedly to introduce a concept which will change the very course of global events. Your AUTHORIAL DECREE is as follows:
  • Hi, everybody! Thanks for reading Wicked Awesome Adventure! Due to the constraints of time and space, some turns will now carry over from one day to the next. While I try to include as much progress as I can from day to day, it is just not possible to consistently have as much new art and text as doing so necessitates. So keep putting in suggestions and I'll keep working them in as best I can, but posts will likely be a bit shorter, with a "single turn" (or series of suggestions) lasting longer than a day if needed. When I see good (feasible) ideas that I like, I'll carry them over to the next day (or they may pop up later), so keep suggesting whatever pops into your collective heads! Thanks!
Your DECREE complete, you make the POST and teleport to your ENORMOUS VAULT to count your MILLIONS OF VARIOUS MONIES made from the world's greatest website, WICKED AWESOME ADVENTURE.

>(You can't control me!)


    mike said...


    obes said...

    maybe my mind is fooling me, but i'd swear you have feet.

    Andrew said...

    I constantly walk around on tip toes, so my feet don't show up at this resolution.