Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Experiencing technical difficulties...

Wicked Awesome Adventure is going to have a somewhat sporadic update schedule for a bit, as I have a somewhat sporadic schedule for a bit myself.

Once things settle down, updates will be regular again. For now, we'll see how it goes.



Monday, October 16, 2017

445 - Console and defoliate POTTUS NEPENTHES

You identify that, despite the ODDS, there is a specimen of POTTUS NEPENTHES in the LIBRARY with you! You approach the PLANT with full KNOWLEDGE that your survival and the survival of one or more of your PEERS requires you to amputate some portion of this LIVING FLORA for your ANTIDOTE.

You attempt to console the POTTUS NEPENTHES. You inform it that the BLOOD of PATRIOTS must be refreshed from time to time at the liberty of TREES.

With a single TEAR rolling down your (otherwise somewhat dry) FACE, you begin THE GREAT PRUNING to secure the INGREDIENT that you need.