About Wicked Awesome Adventure

What is Wicked Awesome Adventure?
Good question. Basically, WAA is an interactive webcomic based on old adventure games and role playing games. The readers are the players; they read what is happening and leave comments to suggest the next course of action, which is then drawn and posted, soliciting further suggestions and comments in a vicious and never-ending cycle. If you're not sure what this means, start at the beginning and read through. You'll probably notice the comments and suggestions that other people have left (and which have guided the course of the story). You'll get the hang of it (and you'll understand some of the later jokes). So go ahead, read, enjoy, and make suggestions!

How do I participate?
Leave your comments and suggestions in the comment section of each new post. I'll read them and pick one or more to happen next, possibly gently massaging them for effect. Most of the larger actions or directions are suggested by readers, though I admit that sometimes I'll just suggest something myself for my own SELFISH and MALICIOUS PURPOSES. Please participate! Your suggestions can be anything, large or small, trivial or game-changing. It's not like I'm obligated to use them all, so go wild. The more suggestions, the better for everyone.

How did this get started?
This all began when I posted the first block of text on Facebook as my status. The responses came in and I responded to them in the style of the text adventures of our collective childhood. Eventually, I drew up pictures for the responses and officially created Wicked Awesome Adventure, continuing the game/webcomic here.

What's so "wicked" about this?
Well, nothing, actually. That simply modifies "Awesome." In fact, Wicked Awesome Adventure is meant to be largely family-friendly, though really, it isn't meant for children at all. Unless they're clever and mature beyond their years. But really, I'm not sure how I can judge that. I haven't met these theoretical clever kids. Anyway, consider WAA to be rated PG-13. So this webcomic isn't "Wicked." But it is "WICKED AWESOME."

Who makes this stuff?
That would be me, Andrew Heil. I enjoy making people laugh. Forcing them to with threats, if necessary. I'd love to hear from you, so if you need to get in contact with me, email me at wickedawesomeandrew (at) gmail.com. Enjoy my comic! Participate!