Sunday, June 6, 2010

110-112 Search for a DUCK with ALL THE ANSWERS

110 - Search for a DUCK with ALL THE ANSWERS
This is the alt text. Awesome!
You are confused as to where you are, what you're doing here, how you got here, why there's such an odd assortment of items nearby, and who might have the answers to all these questions. Heh, maybe a DUCK. Hehehe. You wonder why that just popped into your head. You--- what was that? Hmm? Nothing? OK, nevermind. Anyway, you humor yourself and half-seriously search for a--- was that a DUCK? Hmm? No? Weird.

111 - Chip away at CRACK with SCREWDRIVER

There is a small CRACK on the wall over the TABLE with a small amount of WATER leaking through. You decide to poke at it to test the strength of the walls and see if you can dig your way out. You pick up the SCREWDRIVER off of the floor, jump up, and really jam hard into the CRACK.

Uh oh.

This is the alt text. Awesome!
You realize that this might not have been the best idea. More WATER is coming in through the CRACK. It isn't flowing too quickly, but you get the feeling that removing the SCREWDRIVER or just chillaxin' for too long without escaping might end your adventure with a flooded room. And you can't let that TEDDY BISON drown. Or YOURSELF, while you're thinking about it.


This is the alt text. Awesome!
You approach the MAJESTIC CREATURE and smile at it warmly. While it doesn't respond outwardly, you can tell that you share a special KINSHIP, and that a FRIENDSHIP will blossom between you in time as you go on GRAND ADVENTURES, face MORTAL PERIL together, and learn the TRUE MEANING OF FRIENDSHIP.

You sense that the TEDDY BISON is silently asking to know your name. It's a dang good question! What is your name? And (dang!) while we're at it, the TEDDY BISON seems to want you to give IT a name as well! What are each of your NAMES?


Ryan said...

The Bison's name shall be Midgar Bison or M Bison for short.

Jaimie said...

Elysia Celeste. It's latin... for... something... but it's pretty, and Latiny!

Mike R said...

Clearly the bisons name is Sir Cadmungery mufflebottom the 3rd.

Her name is Julie Elisabeth Thunderson, jet for short.

Joel said...

In keeping with (I think) canon, let's call her Jill Elisabeth Thunderson.

Also, the teddy bison should be named...Matthew Hornton? I'm at a loss, guys.