Thursday, July 1, 2010

137 - Input PASSPHRASE

You pop in the PASSPHRASE (since multiple words can hardly be called a PASSWORD (Pshaw!)) and log on to the COMPUTER. You appear to have "basic level" access, whatever that means. Using old DOS commands, you look up a list of available files. They are
  • help.txt
  • cams.exe
  • patient.exe
  • status.exe
  • lv2.exe
  • elliot.txt
  • paintbrush.exe
  • telephone-s.exe
and a few .dll files, but there's not much you can do with them. First thing to do, you open the "Elliot" TEXT FILE. Perhaps it will answer some of your questions about that purple NINJA
You read the DOCUMENT.


"If you're reading this then you've actually been following my instructions. Good. I thought you might just take the first opportunity to head up the ladder in the hub and escape in the bathysphere. But if you're reading this then you're one step closer to escaping the proper way and getting done what needs to be done.

"I promised your mother that I'd keep you safe and away from harm, but that seems increasingly unlikely with each passing moment. The best I can do, then, is to arm you against what you will be facing. I'd love to help you in person, but chances are that I am dead, along with your mother, and along with almost everyone you've ever known and loved (assuming you capable of love). My worst fears have been confirmed and I

"Elliot. No matter what everyone says, you do have a shred of decency inside you. Please, you have to do the right thing. I mean it. You HAVE to. Or so help me if you screw this up I will come back from the dead and kick

"Your Father,

"Doctor K."

"P.S. Make sure you grab the DOC_K SCHEMATICS before you go. Or else."



mike said...

check out help.txt. and while at it, why not paintbrush.exe for the hell of it.

obes said...

Run Cams.exe in hopes of learning how elliot died.

attempt to aquire DOC_K SCHEMATICS

Shar said...

Check the last modified date on all the files.