Friday, June 11, 2010

119 - Combine SEETHING ANGER with JUG (EMPTY)

After removing your MAKESHIFT WIZARD HAT in shame and climbing down the ladder, you place your SEETHING ANGER into the JUG (EMPTY) to create a SWEAR JAR (1/3 FULL). You feel much better now! Bottling up your emotions is definitely the way to go--- in all situations! Also, this way you'll eventually be able to release an EMOTIONAL EXPLOSION ATTACK. That could prove useful, as you have no idea what awaits you outside this room!

Next, you decide to---
Lieutenant M. BISON does his CHEAP SLIDING ATTACK back into the room. You can tell that something outside has obviously spooked him. You sooth the savage beast and head out, cautiously.
You are in an UNDERWATER TUNNEL with an awesome ARCHED GLASS CEILING and GLASS WALLS. Beside the DOOR you just came out of, there is another DOOR marked CONTROL (a CONTROL DOOR, if you will). Beside it is a HAND SCANNER and a BATTERY INDICATOR. On the other side of the CONTROL DOOR is a small POWER OUTLET by the floor. Nearby you see what appears to be a VENDING MACHINE for a drink called 1 UP ("Be renewed---1UP!"). Beside this there is a FILING CABINET. Huh. Oh, and there are some FISH outside your cozy soggy TUNNEL. They're just swimming around out there. You press on to explore the other half of the TUNNEL.
You are greeted by the sight of a horrific MONSTER. It stands quietly, watching you with its only functional EYE. Its other EYE is covered by a functional EYE PATCH. In one hand, the MONSTER holds a SABER. Could this be one of the CANDAEMONS that the note mentioned would try to eat you? M. BISON does not appear to be in any hurry to get to know the big red guy.

This end of the TUNNEL is more enclosed. A SIGN on the wall... does not inspire HOPE. A LINE on the floor... does not invite crossing. A FISH on the floor... does not indicate life. Another OUTLET on the wall... does not... well, it doesn't do anything. It's just an OUTLET.

Man, these new areas sure do give you a lot to think about and do. But that MONOPTIC CANDAEMON will most likely not be content to simply watch you forever.



Mike R said...

Point awesome Battery Powered Hair Dryer at demon and threaten to give him what for if he doesn't let you pass.

Unknown said...

Fill Jug with water from crack in room.

Pour water puddle over line, onto CANDAEAMON's feet.

Plug in hair dryer, and throw into puddle.

Andrew said...

You mean "Plug in BATTERY POWERED hair dryer?"