Tuesday, June 1, 2010

105 - Ask for SAND WORM REPELLENT, sneak erratically toward SAND WORM, use HANDKERCHIEF to tame VULTURE, and name VULTURE "Baron Von Vulchey"

This is the alt text. Awesome!
whoosh whoosh whoosh
RHYS: First things first, do you have any peanut-based SAND WORM REPELLENT?
GWC: I did mention that they're attracted to PEANUTS, right?
whoosh whoosh whoosh
RHYS: Yeah, but I thought that maybe you could have figured it out? Maybe?
GWC: No. That's just preposterous.
whoosh whoosh whoosh
RHYS: Fine. Well, I've gotta go catch 'em all, so---
whoosh whoosh whoosh
RHYS: What is that noise?

This is the alt text. Awesome!
You watch as a TRIO OF HELECOPTERS swoop in from the EAST. They are brown, and those markings...

GWC: I know I called for a service technician to get you your free MULE KICK after the VENDING MACHINE malfunctioned... but I've never seen anything like this before.

The first HELECOPTER lands beside the PEANUT STAND. The others are on approach nearby.

This is the alt text. Awesome!
Five men emerge from the back of the HELECOPTER. The one in front appears to be the youngest, about your age; he grins in a manner... non-endearing. To his left is a LARGE, SCARRED MAN with a TOUGH TOPKNOT. To his right is a FIT, DANGEROUS MAN with a SERIES OF PIERCINGS. Behind them are two GENERIC MULE KICK GUARDS, who are not worthy of additional description beyond this explanation.

The YOUNG MAN in the front looks you (and GWC) up and down (menacingly). He smiles wider (also, menacingly).

YM?: Which one of you... GENTLEMEN... found that... ROKKIT JUICE in our MACHINE?

(Rhys briefly loses himself in thought. He mourns the loss of Baron Von Vulchey, an opportunity lost before they could even become friends. They could have been wonderful together. Not as great as Rhys and Teddy, but still great none the less.)



Shar said...

Step in front of GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER. Say in LOW TEXAN DRAWL "I don't like the way you boys are looking at an innocent peanut inventor like GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER here. Let's step aside and we can sort out all this about the ROKKIT JUICE."


Matt said...

QUESTION sudden CLARITY of VISION. Why is everything so much clearer and filled with detail?

Anonymous said...

QUESTION sudden CLARITY of VISION. Why is everything so much clearer and filled with detail?

Mike R said...

Offer up evidence that it was all some sort of misunderstanding and no one needs to blow up any one else.