Tuesday, June 8, 2010

114-116 - Get to the BUTTON!

114 - Get to the BUTTON!
Ultra-transparent glass
OK, so you're trapped in a ROOM that's slowly filling with water and need to get out. The obvious solution lies on the other side of that WINDOW, in what appears to be a CONTROL ROOM. A BUTTON is labeled "Emergency Open," and you can only assume that would open the DOOR. Seems like a fair assessment. There are other MONITORS around, but you can't understand what they're for. Above the BUTTON, on a SHAKY-LOOKING SHELF, sits a long-empty TERRARIUM, with a MESH SCREEN on its top. Hmm. How to get to the button....

What would your friends do? Well, CAD would probably take the... direct approach. You decide to try it yourself.
If only it was a LADDER +1
Your attacks are unsuccessful. The WINDOW appears to be unbreakable.

Hmm. What would RHYS do?

115 - Pick up EVERYTHING
You go around the room and pick up all objects that are not nailed down. You pick up the TRAFFIC CONE, briefly considering using it as a BULLHORN to issue ORDERS to M. BISON. You pick up the BATTERY-POWERED HAIR DRYER. You check it and, yup, it works, and it seems fully charged. You pick up the GARDEN HOSE. You pick up one of the JUGS OF WATER. You attempt to put M. BISON into a pocket, but he's too big. Besides, he seems content to follow you around. Next, you pull out the SCREWDRIVER and---

Oh, crap. You just pulled out the SCREWDRIVER.
The lieutenant is dedicated to getting into that box.
Curse you, RHYS O'CALLAHAN! His kleptomaniacal influence has led to much, much more water flowing into the room!

116 - Investigate VENT
Rhys is a bad role model.
You climb up the LADDER while M. BISON "holds" it. You take out THREE SCREWS that held the VENT COVER and drop them into a pocket. You see that there is a short DUCT with small holes down its length that leads to the CONTROL ROOM. The DUCT is too small for you to fit through, and even too small for the LIEUTENANT. Still this is progress. Which is good, since it looks like that LEAK is getting worse.



Mike R said...

Tie hose to water jug. toss through vent and attempt to get it to hit the button while holding the opposite end of the hose.

also, wear traffic cone like awesome wizard hat.

Joel said...

If the jug can't fit through the vent, use the hose to siphon water from the jug through the vent and into the terrarium, making it heavier, which will break the shelf and dump the whole mess onto the button.

Shar said...

Ask M. Bison if he's getting tired holding the ladder.

Unknown said...

Wait for the water to flood out through the vent, and short out the door control.

Obes said...

If M. BISON can't fit, you must aquit.

Use HOSE to bring water from the leak in the wall, through the hole in the ground and into the control room.