Tuesday, May 25, 2010

99 - Random Encounter (Just Peanuts)

You look for further random encounters on your way to FORT FERRIS. It's not like you have any pressing need to get there.

Seeing a small, random structure in the distance, you approach.

You are standing in front of a small STAND with a sign reading "JUST PEANUTS". A smaller SIGN implies that the SHOPKEEPER will be back in five minutes. Beside the STAND you see another MULE KICK VENDING MACHINE. You're not that thirsty yet... are you?

In the distance, you believe you see the SHOPKEEPER coming back towards you. Behind him is a stabbed, bloody, and presumably dead FREAKING SAND WORM. It looks like you have a minute* before the SHOPKEEPER gets back.

>Plan, place CAN and scan, before MAN (arrives)

*Equivalent, most likely, to one turn.


Unknown said...

PLACE CAN of "Rokkit Juice" Soda in mule kick drink RETRIEVAL AREA. Prepare to FEIGN RAGE that you did not get selected drink, in attempt to GAIN PITY / APPEASEMENT.

Mike R said...

glance in the shop quick to see if there is anything worth buying/stealing

Justin K. Thompson said...

Retrieve knife from stabbed FREAKING SAND WORM. Take pound of flesh and a tooth from FREAKING SAND WORM.

Introduce self to shopkeeper.