Sunday, May 9, 2010

86 - Run through DOORS and get GUN

86 - Quickly run through DOORS and get GUN!
You rokkit through the SWINGING DOORS and into HEPHAESTUS' FORGE. You see--- that there's no time for a description! That ENGINEER'S LIFE is in grave danger!

HEPH: Can I help---
RHYS: No time to talk, filthyman! A man's LIFE is on THE LINE!

You spy a GUN on the table in the corner and run to get it.
You equip: The VERDI-GRIZZLY!

What now? You're finally armed and there's ENGINEERS to be rescued! Well, just the one, actually! Still important! Whatever is to be done?


Justin K. Thompson said...
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Justin K. Thompson said...

1) Pay filthyman for gun.

2) Burst through large sliding doors, gun in hand, thereby stopping bandit.

Anonymous said...

1) Continue to ignore Hephestus.
2) Kick down the sliding doors old school.

Joel said...

Rescue engineer, then grill him for information. Then pay Heph for the gun, because to refrain from doing so would be impolite and morally hypocritical.

Francis Smith said...

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