Thursday, May 6, 2010

78-80 - Hang your HEAD in SHAME

78 - Hang your HEAD in SHAME
You drop to your KNEES and hang your HEAD in SHAME. All you wanted was to solve a puzzle involving DRINK ORDERS! Was that too much to ask? You weep a SINGLE TEAR.

At least... least the DUCK isn't here to see this. You couldn't bear his DISAPPROVAL, not again.

79 - Snap out of IT. Consult SHERIFF
You descend from the table and approach the SHERIFF to see what needs doing first in terms of eliminating the LOCAL RUFFIANS.

SL: Well, yer main goal, MARSHAL RHYS, is to take out the BANDIT LEADER. To do that, you'll need to stop other BANDIT ACTIVITIES and eventually track him to his HIDEOUT or SOMETHING. Prob'ly. I'm really just blue-skying here. Why don't you head next door to the EAST and talk to HEPHAESTUS at his FORGE? You're going to need some kinda GUN, and he'd be the guy to rustle one up for ya.
RHYS: That sounds good. Oh, and if you see a DUCK around here, let me know.
SL: A DUCK wouldn't come in here, MARSHAL. They don't drink.
RHYS: In this heat? They'd better! Dehydration is a real problem, especially for WATERFOWL in a DESERT!
SL: . . . good luck, MARSHAL.

80 - Leave the BAR via SWINGING DOORS
Finally, you make it outsid--- gah! It's so bright! It's like you haven't seen the SUN in 150 years!
From what you can see, you are standing in front of the CANTINA (which also holds the SECRET ROOM, the VENDATORIUM, and the DARWINIAN REFUGE where you began). On the wall of the CANTINA you can see several WANTED POSTERS and an ADVERTISEMENT for the MARIACHI. To the WEST, you can see a MINE ENTRANCE; it looks closed. To the EAST you can see MORE OF THE TOWN, including HEPHESTUS' FORGE. For some reason it appears as though the TOWN was laid out in a straight East-West line. Weird.

Thankfully, since you're still quite unarmed, there don't appear to be any BANDITS or ASSORTED RUFFIANS loitering nearby. None whatsoever.

>Examine POSTERS

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REMARK OUTLOUD about how UGLY the man in the FAR LEFT POSTER is.