Saturday, May 22, 2010


This POOR GENTLEMAN is quite dead and has been thoroughly picked over. There is a bit of his shirt which has been torn off, right over his heart. You wonder what could have been there? Who was this man? How did he die? So many questions! And nothing to help the BOARS! Better check YE OLDE BOX.

Hey... what's that? Is that...

IT'S A FREAKING PUZZLE!!! You've been at this for 95 freaking turns without an honest puzzle, and here, finally, finally, you have one. It looks like your standard COMBINATION LOCK BOX, with a truly insecure NOTE (presumably from the BOX'S OWNER) offering just enough information to solve it. This is great. You were like a PUZZLE-SOLVING MAN in the middle of a PUZZLE DESERT, with no PUZZLE. But now you're a MAN in a DESERT with a PUZZLE. (And, since you're not currently a NINJA, you can solve puzzles.)

There are four REELS on the LOCKING MECHANISM. Each as a series of DIGITS from 0 to 9. The NOTE has five hints.
1. The second digit is the lowest.
2. The last digit is the highest.
3. The third digit is even.
4. The second digit plus the third digit equals 6. (D2 + D3 = 6)
5. The last digit times the first digit is 19 more than the second digit times the third digit. (D4*D1 - 19 = D2*D3)

You wish the BOARS could see this. They love PUZZLES. (Unless they're NINJA BOARS.)



Anonymous said...
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Andrew said...

Man, I wish I could hide/*spoiler* these comments somehow.

Daniel said...

Forget YE OLDE PUZZLE BOX and recite Shakespeare with ALAS, POOR GENTLEMAN's skull.

Joel said...

I'm sorry. I'm not that talented. I'm really only good with combination locks.

Anonymous said...

Well, hrm... It won't let me change font color, so...

The number is 21 squared plus 642, then multiply the whole mess by three.

Apologies for the spoiler. I have much to learn, it would seem.

Jared said...
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Jared said...
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Jared said...

You forgot the other equations from the hints:
0 ≥ D1 ∧ D2 ∧ D3 ∧ D4 ≤ 9
D2 < D1 ∧ D3 ∧ D4
D4 > D1 ∧ D3
D2 + D3 = 6

The answer is [3 2 4 9]

I guess this is why you should study the book of numbers if it has anything useful in it for you.