Saturday, May 8, 2010

85 - Go EAST, young man!

Following the SHERIFF'S advice, you head EAST to try and find HEPHAESTUS the blacksmith to get a GUN to take out the BANDITS and the BANDIT LEADER (and rescue TEDDY). You then recapitulate this for yourself.

You are standing outside of the FORGE OF HEPHAESTUS. A large CHIMNEY juts out from the building. Beside the SWINGING DOORS are a collection of FAVORABLE REVIEWS. At the other end of the building is a WATERING TROUGH. Despite being outside of your field of view, you know a posteriori that a BANDIT is holding up a LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER around the corner due to the looped threat/response sounds coming from that way.

>Quickly run through DOORS and get GUN!

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Matt said...

Quickly, Run through YE DOORS, and GET GUN. There's engineers to be rescued!