Saturday, May 29, 2010

102 - Retrieve ROKKIT JUICE CAN

Oh, yeah, you better pick that back up. That nefarious plan goes against your newly rediscovered creed.

The SHOPKEEPER seems confused by the ROKKIT JUICE CAN that you just pulled from the MULE KICK VENDING MACHINE CAN RETRIEVAL AREA.

GWC: Did you just pull that Rokkit Juice from the Mule Kick machine?
RHYS: ...yes. But it's not what it looks like!
GWC: It looks like that machine just gave you the wrong drink.
RHYS: No! I just put it there... for... to keep it cool?
GWC: . . .
RHYS: . . .
GWC: It's all right. Vended wrong. Happens from time to time. I'll get you a free Mule Kick soon. Anyway, what brings you to my little corner of the desert, son?
RHYS: Peanuts?
GWC: You came to the right place! I've got all sorts of neat peanut-based technology! A short list of which includes peanuts, peanut brittle, peanut oil, peanut butter, peanut shaving cream, peanut plastics, peanut shoe polish, peanut grease, peanut fuel, peanut rope, peanut clothing, peanut paint, peanut lipstick, peanut nitroglycerin, peanut mayonnaise, peanut coffee, peanut milk substitute, peanut DNA substitute, peanut bombers, peanut moonshine, peanut hair tonic, peanutsicles, peanut playing cards, peanut boar repellent, peanut spray paint, peanut packing peanuts, peanut circus peanuts (the orange peanut-sugar candies), peanut glue, peanut deus ex machina devices, peanut drones, peanut armor, peanut flour, peanut cutlery, peanut cell phone, peanut laptop, peanut crystal ball, peanut insecticide, peanut action figures, peanut shelving units, peanut laxatives, peanut wax, and even peanut-derived epinephrine.
RHYS: Right. I'ma gonna ask you some non-peanut related questions now while I try to wrap my peanut head around that list (which I had not previously formulated in my head).
GWC: Sounds good.


Kyle said...


Julie Ragozzine said...

ask where is Fort Ferris. also WHATS WITH THE SAND WORM

Joel said...

Don't ask, just BUY a peanut deus ex machina device.