Wednesday, May 12, 2010

89 - Chat up HEPHAESTUS

You briefly consider trying to fix the DOOR, but you have no TOOLS nor SKILL AT CARPENTRY, so that doesn't seem very likely. Instead, you head back inside to talk to HEPHAESTUS.

You take a moment to examine the BLACKSMITH'S SMITHY. You just entered through the BROKEN DOORS. A set of SWINGING DOORS is across the room. HEPHAESTUS stands beside his FORGE, near an ANVIL and a BUCKET OF WATER. On the wall are various BLACKSMITH'S TOOLS, including TONGS, a HAMMER, and BELLOWS. Lower in the room, you can see a TABLE (from whence you "borrowed" your PISTOL) and a PRETTY SWEET ETHNIC RUG. Of greatest interest however is the collection of FIREARMS in the PISTOL CABINET and on the WALL. Niiiiiiiice.

HEPHAESTUS watches you expectantly.

RHYS: Hey, so, nice to meet you and all. Sorry about the DOOR, but, I mean, dang. That was a pretty sweet kick, wasn't it? I mean, that was some fundamentally sound heroism right there.
HEPH: . . .
RHYS: So, I found 22 VARIOUS MONIES on that BANDIT. Would that cover the DOOR repair?
HEPH: That should do it.


RHYS: There you go. Anyway, I'm MARSHAL RHYS O'CALLAHAN. Nice to meet you.
HEPH: Nice to meet you. I'm HEPHAESTUS, Western Town's local blacksmith.
RHYS: Western Town?
HEPH: Yes. You're standing in Western Town, the town farthest west in the entire world.
RHYS: Nifty! What's there to do around town?
HEPH: Well, there's---


ALAN: Oh, hey again Rhys, Hephaestus. I think I got the locational function stabilized, but the temporal whatsit is still all over the place.
RHYS: ALAN! You're alive!
ALAN: What? Oh, yes. Hum. Is this the first time you've encountered me?
RHYS: Yes!
ALAN: Hum. From my personal chronology, I've already met you twice now. Oh, Jill says hello, as does Cad.
RHYS: They're here, too?
ALAN: Indeed, to the south and north, respectively.
RHYS: I thought I was all alone! This is great!
ALAN: Hum, quite. Anywhat, the next jump is coming up, so I guess I should give you the message from yourself.
RHYS: Uh, sure, tell me!
ALAN: Quite. You told me to tell you not to trust---


RHYS: Who? Not to trust who? ALAN!
HEPH: Blasted time-travelers. Scorched my FLOOR!
RHYS: This is great, though! I'm not alone! My friends are here! Somewhere!
HEPH: Or somewhen.
RHYS: That too. Man, this is great.
HEPH: . . .
RHYS: . . !
HEPH: Anyway, here in town you can find the CANTINA, the ABANDONED MINE (BLOCKED), the FORGE OF HEPHESTUS (SIC), the WESTERN MALL, and the STABLES. Once you get out of town there are various places you can go, such as the TRAIN STATION, CEMETERY HILL, or my suggestion for you, FORT FERRIS.
RHYS: Cool, what's there?
HEPH: There, you could find COLONEL FERRIS, a wanted criminal, and defeat his army of CONFEDERBOTS, evil Confederate Robots.
RHYS: But what about BANDITS?
HEPH: If you want to go after them right away, you could try the PERPETUAL TRAIN ROBBERY. They're always there. But if you want a better weapon (you can keep that piece of junk you "borrowed"), I'd suggest going after FERRIS.
RHYS: Good to know. . . . Man, wasn't that awesome when ALAN teleported in? I mean, "bamf!"
HEPH: . . .
RHYS: . . . bamf! So cool!  . . . so cool! . . . so cool!

>Trust no one.

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