Tuesday, May 11, 2010

88 - Chat up ENGINEER

You and the ENGINEER shuffle awkwardly. He retains his blank stare.

RHYS: So--- oh, no. That... that wasn't consensual, right?
ENG: Naw. He w's tryin' t' take mah VM.
RHYS: I know you mean VARIOUS MONIES, but give me a moment to think of other, more humorous possibilities.
ENG: A'ight.
RHYS: . . . OK. Heh. Anyway, umm...you're welcome! For the save and all. Y'all right?
ENG: M'all right.
RHYS: Great. Any idea why he was robbing you?
ENG: Naw. He w's tryin' t' take mah VM.
RHYS: Yeah, I guess it was pretty straightforward. Man. That was my first combat. How do you think I did?
ENG: A'ight.
RHYS: Just all right? Do you think you could do any better?
ENG: M'all right.
RHYS: Oh? Are you really? Why didn't you defend yourself, then? He was going to kill you!
ENG: Naw. He w's tryin' t' take mah VM.
RHYS: Well, he might have let you go, I guess. Whatever. I guess I'll go back in to talk to HEPHAESTUS.
ENG: A'ight.
RHYS: Since you're here, though, anything else I should see around town? Or where it is?
ENG: M'all right.
RHYS: A mall to the right? Got it. Thanks. See you around!

The ENGINEER nods and wanders off. Behind you, HEPHAESTUS slowly shakes his head, bewildered.

HEPH: Have you ever heard of the Turing Test, Marshal Rhys?

HEPHAESTUS goes back inside.


brenderlin said...

Go back inside. APOLOGIZE to HEPH for kicking down his door.

ASK him for an introduction to FIREARMS.

Also, ASK him about the TOWN.

Mike R said...

try to FIX broken door.