Tuesday, May 4, 2010

74-76 - FIGHT CRIME!

With your new-found name, rank and purpose, you prepare to wage a never-ending war on crime. You will be the silent predator that stalks the night, appearing from the darkness to beat the snot out of those cowardly, superstitious criminals. Also, there will be crimefighting during the day as well, but it may be less awesome.

Evil beware, Marshal Rhys rides again!

But first...

75 - Drink a series of GIRLY DRINKS, like a MANLY MAN!
Crime-fighting can wait a few rounds. You head over to the SOMMELIER and ask what GIRLY DRINKS are available. He says that he can make any legitimate combination of the ITEMS on the MENU (which is obviously posted on the left wall, just out of sight). The MENU lists the following ITEMS in alphabetical order:

Altruist, Candaemon, Crunch, Epicurean, Nifty, Pragmatist, President, Sucker, Sunrise, Zombie.

Each description, as per standard puzzle rules, means one of the following (in alphabetical order):

Blue Drink, Cocktail Glass, Collins Glass (Tall), Old Fashioned Glass (Short), Red Drink, Shot Glass, With a Cocktail Garnish, With a Straw, With Ice, Yellow Drink.

The SOMMELIER gestures to the drinks on the BAR behind him. The first one (closest to the doors) is a NIFTY EPICUREAN PRESIDENTIAL SUNRISE. The next one is a PRAGMATIC PRESIDENT'S CANDAEMON CRUNCH. The last one on the BAR is a ZOMBIE CANDAEMON. On his TRAY is another ALTRUISTIC SUCKER PRESIDENT for the SHERIFF, once he finishes the one he's been nursing.

He also says that each DRINK on the menu costs 40 VARIOUS MONIES.

Not wanting to be left with only 9 VARIOUS MONIES, you decide to hold off. Besides, this is totally weird puzzle territory and you don't want to be caught unprepared whenever someone asks you for some outlandish drink later. Which they will. Oh. Oh, they will.

76 - Sing with the MARIACHI
Done. Rock on!

>See who wants a DRINK. With STYLE.


Andrew said...

OK, pseudo-contest. First person to name all 12 villains portrayed in the the first picture wins! What do they win? A non-canonical picture based on whatever they want from WICKED AWESOME! Anyway, just to get you started: The one above and to the left of Rhys' head is a terrible picture of SHREDDER. Who are the rest?

(Also, keep making suggestions for what happens next.)

brenderlin said...

Pshaw. In clockwise order (starting at 12:00):
Poison Ivy
The Riddler
The Joker
Boba Fett
The Mad Hatter
Mr. Freeze

Andrew said...

Correct! (Yay!) Let me know what non-canon thing you want to see!

Everyone else: What happens next?

Mike R said...

See who wants a drink. With Style.