Thursday, May 6, 2010

81 - Examine POSTERS

Well what do we have here? There are four WANTED POSTERS on the wall. The one on the far left is for the BANDIT LEADER, your nemesis-apparent. He doesn't seem so tough, and he wears an ugly mask and hat. You may mention that out loud at some point, but you'd like to look at the other posters first. He does look like an idiot, though. Haha. What a maroon.

The second POSTER features GUNTHER VON MONOCLE. His modus operandi is quite explosive! Since he uses explosives!

The third POSTER is of a COLONEL FERRIS. Apparently he leads a group of AUTOMATONS. Dang! You can't read the last word because someone drew a line through it! A very thin black line! Whatever could he lead a group of?

The final POSTER features COULROPHOBIA CLOWN. His LEMON MERINGUE PIE is made with EGGS, which can cause severe allergic reactions such as ANAPHYLAXIS in people susceptible to such things. While COULROPHOBIA CLOWN does carry EPINEPHRINE, which is needed for treatment in severe cases, as a rule he refuses to aid those who his PIES have adversely affected, and also refuses to pick up the empty PIE TINS. He also eats people.

Having completed your perusal of the WANTED POSTERS, you decide that now is a good time to insult that BANDIT LEADER chap. Surely you are safe to do so, as there are none of his minions around to overhear and thus no chance of reprisal.

RHYS: Of the BANDIT LEADER, I have the following to say: I have seen many men with bad taste in hats, but I have never seen a hat wearing such an ugly man!

You guffaw at this WIT.

Guff-awwww, snap...



Mike R said...

throw boar at gunman.

brenderlin said...



Anonymous said...

Offer him a can of 1-up! And refuse him water when his pancreas/kidneys/liver are unable to handle its cocktail of sugars and high-grade stimulants!

Anonymous said...

reveal elaborate flash animated battle system!

brenderlin said...

Oh, and I've decided what I want my non-canonical piece of art to be.

Marshal Rhys inside a 20 ft. tall WICKED AWESOME MECHA-SUIT, bristling with every kind of firearm imaginable (including, but not limited to: Gatling guns, shotguns, muskets, etc.), himself GRINNING like a MANIACAL, CRIME-FIGHTING MADMAN.

And if you want to go ahead and make that canonical eventually, that'd be okay, too.

Andrew said...

Matt's requested art is up on the new EXTRAS page. The next actual turn will be up a bit later.

Kyle said...

Pause game. Check inventory.

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