Thursday, September 30, 2010

194 - Cast FINI SHER

You decide to finish off MONOCLE PIPE once and for all with a well-timed application of the "FINI SHER" spell (a spell which you hope is totally real and will finish him off, much like the spell's namesake, Finny Sher, lead singer for the heavy metal band Dire Ramifications, killed off the group's popularity by attempting to turn the band from heavy metal into a folk-pop quartet in the late 90's and early 2000's).

Huh? Oh, no MANA left. It looks like that TIME STOP took everything you had. Honestly, though, the little red dude doesn't look like he's long for this world. His PAL has already turned to BLOODY ASH and he looks like he's gonna follow soon.

ALAN: Hum. Cad, I think I should be leaving now.
CAD: What? Why?
ALAN: Reason one: that zombie looks like he loves me for my mind.
CAD: What?
ALAN: Reason two: I think this gizmo is gonna take me away soon whether I want it to or not.
CAD: What is that thing anyway, man?
ALAN: This? Oh, this is simply a
CAD: Aw. Snap.
ZT: brains... :(

Aw. ALAN has teleported back out before you could ask him to explain anything else. Like SCIENCE. Or BUTTONS. Or LOVE.


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CageyJay said...

Hurrah! Alan is going to be fun if/when we get to play him. But I'm beginning to wonder if he's a side quest we have to save from temporospatial hopping.

Go EAST to the THRONE ROOM with QUEEN LADY, PAD, & TEDDYWHALE, and prepare to discover what the RED POTION does.