Tuesday, September 14, 2010

183 - Heft WHALE, search for MIXOLOGY CRAP

The BOARD GAME PLAYERS continue their game, and they're still talking, but I don't want to transcribe it and you don't want to read it, so we'll leave it at that for a while. (Or, if you really want some, here's a sample. MP: Quite!)

You toss the WHALE up on top of the cabinets. If anything goes down in here, at least she'll be safe. She's not really your whale anyway.

PADDINGTON smells something out the door and moves to investigate.

You, on the other hand, decide to quench your MANLY THIRST with a MANA-LY DRINK. Time to pop open some RANDOM DRAWERS and CABINETS and rifle through their contents for INGREDIENTS or sundry other LOOTABLE LOOT!



Andrew said...

OK, so what does he find? Magic kitchen in a magic castle, folks. What do we got?

Mike R said...

10 lbs pixie dust, for zest. 23 jars of pickled frog eyes. 3 vials of ambrosia. freezer FULL of magic-able reheated instantly micro meals, for the magical person on the go. 3 cupboards full of inexplicably labeled vials and powders.

obes said...

Pots pans amd knives, lots more knives, 2 bottles of whale pheromones, 1 bottle of sandwich poison(empty), 1 bowl of petunias, pens pencils and magic markers, and a green and white mushroom.

investigate the door with Par-bro

Unknown said...

Enchanted mouse droppings. Ice Tea and Lemonaid mix, relabeled as "ale" and "wine" (Found in every good fantasy kitchen).

The Freez'r should have a blue candimp chilling out in it, eating ice cream.

A set of talking dinnerwear. Like, the three containers on the counter sing like a barbershop quartet.

Shar said...

It should be like the kitchen in Beauty and the Beast! Singing teapot, shouting stove, frolicking forks.