Monday, September 27, 2010

191 - Query ALAN

CAD: Hey, Alan. What's up?
ALAN: Not very much. I was just using this temporal dimensional device to---
CAD: That's cool. So, how likely is the red dude on the table to get out of this with his friend and the antidote?
ALAN: At a glance? Hum? Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating this situation is approximately 3,720 to 1.
CAD: Never tell me the odds! I mean, tell him, not me.
MP: I don't think you're in possession of all the facts, my good sir.
ALAN: Indeed, I am afraid my conjecture is based on a fairly limited field of data.
MP: That it is. You see, I've already conducted a similar calculation and while it may eventually be needful to leave my wife's brother here to die, I personally am in no danger whatsoever.
ALAN: Fascinating. I'm interested in what information sways the outcome so heavily in your favo---
CAD: Alan, catch!

You toss the BUTCH'R and the CYBORG EYE to ALAN.

It's not very effective....

ALAN got: CUT!

ALAN: I... only had one free hand, Cad. Sorry.

Summoning some of what remains of his STRENGTH, PADDINGTON shoots a spear into the ZOMBIE.

It's not very effective....


CageyJay said... no danger, indeed. Hmm.

Ask MP to PROVE his GUN is loaded, that it can really split skulls, and that he can AIM, by shooting the PRE-SPEARED AND LIGHTLY TOASTED ZOMBIE in the head. Because the so-called GUN looks like a PEA-SHOOTER to Cad.

If all else fails, ask Alan to check the THRONE ROOM behind him for useful materials.

obes said...

Keep running plans by Alan, each one getting more complicated than the next untill Alan computes the odds to be...

...a million to one...

CageyJay said...

Is Alan in any danger, here? He's got quite a lot of brains (presumably), and unlike MP and QL he's not shielded from the ZOMBIE's line of sight by Cad's, um, chaotic thought patterns.

Mike R said...

i think its time for a TIME STOP

Unknown said...

Hmm... TIME STOP...

Place the POTION in the VUVZELA.
Replace the ICE CREAM CONE with the DANCING SPOON.
Replace the GUN with the ICE CREAM CONE.
Replace the hanging SHIELD with the DANCING DISH.
Replace the Zombie's HELMET with the CONE.