Tuesday, September 21, 2010


You swipe the four KNIVES and the BUTCH'R, cramming all of the insanely sharp implements into your unused POCKET. You stash the RED POTION and the EMPTY POISON BOTTLE in your BOTTLE POCKET, along with the other EMPTY BOTTLE (formerly the GREEN POTION), the other RED POTION, the remaining GREEN POTION and the HAIR GEL. It is... possible that you're abusing the INVENTORY SYSTEM.

You check the label on the EMPTY SANDWICH POISON BOTTLE. It says "SANDWICH POISON." What, no cautions? No ingredient list? How many carbs? HOW MANY CARBS PER SERVING???

You hop down and decide to check if the SANDWICH POISON that was probably in the SANDWICH did any harm.

CAD: Um, so, hey, Queen Lady. You didn't happen to eat any of that "small triangular best sandwich ever made from what I had available at the time," did you?
QL: I did, actually. But don't worry your poor head, my boy. Do you really think there'd be any poisons in my own kitchen that I wasn't immune to?
CAD: OK, so that's one piece. Did anyone else eat any?
QL: Yes. The frothing, dying fellow beside you there?
CAD: Oh, yeah, OK. So you ate a piece and Red Specs here ate a piece. That leaves... that leaves...
QL: Just put it together. Four minus two. You've got this.
CAD: Leaves... two pieces. Where did they go?

The QUEEN LADY seems uncomfortable. She points toward the left of the room. You turn.


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Start spinning the RUBIK'S HYPERCUBE till you enter MONTAGE MODE. Find an alternate universe where the sandwich poison was sandwich poison antidote!

Mike R said...

if that doesn't work, EMERGENCY SURGERY!

on a side not, we totally need to slot that cyborg eye into the butcher knifes materia slot. it would totally make something awesome.

obes said...

Pad-bro, being a teddy hippo is immune to normal poison. only susceptible to teddy poison, and gwate big hugs.

then spits the sandwich pieces out at high velocity into the mouth of MP who swallows them.

CageyJay said...

Mike R's right: Use CYBORG EYE with BUTCH'R. If it makes something vaguely scientific rather than magical, Cad can make it Alan's problem when he zworps in sometime.

Since it's been 10 turns since the last zombie interlude, if Cad is due to see them soon, ask QUEEN for PEANUT PRODUCTS from KITCHEN. Y'know, just in case Cad has to cast SMNSNDWM (summon sandworm-- no idea how to otherwise squeeze that onto eight knuckles) sometime soon.

Ask QUEEN for FENIX DOWN, too. Or ask Pad-bro what his stuffing is made of. Without any imputation of cowardice, of course.

CageyJay said...

It'll be good when Cad finds Rhys, or vice versa: Rhys has the rubber stopper for Cad's empty sandwich poison bottle.