Thursday, September 9, 2010

180 - Go NORTH

You head NORTH to the KITCHEN DOOR while PADDINGTON grabs some random DONUT off the floor. You move to open the DOOR, but PAD stops you.

CAD: What's up, Pad-Bro?
PAD: . . .
CAD: Take her with us? Why?
PAD: . . .
CAD: Why---oh. Oh! You sly dog!
PAD: . . !
CAD: OK, OK, I'll carry her. Come on, Whale Chick.

You pick up the TEDDY WHALE and carry her through the DOOR toward the KITCHEN. Secretly, PADDINGTON wishes he were the one carrying her over the threshold. Ah, young stuffed love. He---

*sniff* *sniff*

CAD: Do you guys smell something burning? Or dead people? Behind us? Eh, it's probably nothing worth turning around for.

You head obliviously NORTH into the KITCHEN.

You are now in a nicely-furnished KITCHEN. In the center of the room, two CANDIMPS and some OLDER CROWN CHICK are playing some kind of BOARD GAME (the kind that your friends RHYS, JILL, and ALAN used to play). They all seem thoroughly immersed in the game and oblivious to your presence (or even the presence of the giant whale, which means they're pretty dang immersed).

There are a number of CABINETS and DRAWERS built into the wall, along with a COUNTER with slices of HAM, some TOMATO, LETTUCE and a PICKLE SLICE. A LOAF OF BREAD sits nearby. You have no idea what nefarious purpose these ARCANE COMPONENTS could be put to, what ILL BLASPHEMY could be wrought by their EVIL MAGICKS or--- oh, wait, no, it's food.

A CARVING KNIFE sits near a CANISTER SET at the other end of the COUNTER, next to a REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER UPRIGHT COMBO. The only other fixtures are a FAUCET at the SINK and a MICROWAVE.

Rounding out the room, there is a SMALL MOUSE near its MOUSE HOLE and a single TRAFFIC CONE on top of the whole cabinet-y mess. The only other exit to the room is blocked by some sort of SOLID OBSTRUCTION whose nature currently defies explanation.


Shar said...

Smash the four slices of ham together into a sheep!

Which, ah, can shoot shrink rays from its mouth when it says "baaa" so that you, Pad, the whale, and the queen can fit out through that mousehole and escape the palace.

Andrew said...

Good heavens. Just... good heavens.

Mike R said...

have padington and the whale engage the game players in witty banter while you make the BEST SANDWICH EVER

Anonymous said...

Careful, that one Candimp has a monocle, we all know that means he is a wizard...proceed with caution.

Unknown said...

(I... will not knife... the well drawn and obviously significant NPCs...)

Prepare a plate of sandwich triangles. Set them nicely on the table, and try to gather information on the three players based on their informal banter, and strategy so far.