Friday, September 3, 2010

177 - Look to the EAST in SHOCK

You gasp in shock and look to your left, dropping the WHALE behind you.

CAD: Who are you?
PHG (PINK HAIRED GIRL): We are the sky pirates of P.E.T.T, the Pirates for the Ethical Treatment of Teddys!
CAD: Teddys? Like, the lingerie?
PHG: No, you idiot! Like the Teddy Animals!
CAD: What are you doing here? There's some kind of war or something going on.
PHG: Well, since you asked, I'm the roguish airship pirate first mate of the airship "Freedomancer", and I've been sent here to rescue that Teddy Whale over there, which we use to power the air-dinghy from our air-ship. She's angsty because of her overbearing mother and has fled to rethink her rash decision, taking a vast fortune with her, which she stores in her stomach. I'm probably going to have to kill you, since I think you probably kidnapped her or led her to leave or something, along with that poor, tortured Teddy Hippo behind you there.
CAD: What? Seriously?
PHD: No, I'm kidding. Do you really think airships are be powered by whales? Whales and flower pots can't fly! They know that! What kind of fool are you, buddy?
CAD: I'm the awesome kind. If you're not here for the whale, then---
PHD: No, no, we are here for the whale. And the hippo. And the two other Teddys that have been spotted here, subservient in the castle. It is our sworn duty to free them!
DD (DROOLING DOCTOR): freeeeeedom!
PHD: Freedom! So, anyway, just hand over the Hippo and the Whale and no one gets hurt.

>Cast and present FAKE DOCS


Shar said...

CAD: "I think YOU'RE the kidnappers here! Paddington Satcho Hippo is my bro! Don't you dare try to take him from me."

Kyle said...


Also, enjoyed what I can only assume is a Psychonauts reference.

Nash said...

Form an unlikely allianse with PETT in the face of candimps or zombies.

Proceed to the kitchens and save the queen!

Unknown said...

Go into the other room to fetch (cast) some FAKE DOCS proving your lawful ownership of your HIPPO. Allow them to take the Whale.