Monday, September 13, 2010


You offer the BOARD GAME PLAYERS quadrant triangles of the STBSEMFWYHAATT. The QUEEN LADY accepts one, as does RED SPECTACLES. MONOCLE PIPE refuses.

MP: Sorry, chappy. Can't be too careful with what's what, eh?
CAD: Huh?
MP: When some fine fellow offers you a sandwich in the middle of a warzone, well, venomous diplomacy being what it is, surely you understand.
CAD: What?
QL: He's referring to poison, my dear boy. These sandwiches aren't poisoned, are they?
CAD: What? No.
RS: So you say. Unfortunately we can't confirm that, can we?

The QUEEN LADY and RED SPECTACLES munch happily away on their TRIANGLES.

CAD: OK, that's cool. I guess.
MP: Quite so! Cool indeed!
RS: And crisp lettuce!
MP: And who are you anyway?
CAD: My name is Cad---
QL: He's obviously a wizard. Need we say more?
CAD: Uh, need we? If yeah, my name is Cad---
MP: Well, no, you're correct, Majesty. Quite improprietous of me to ask such!
CAD: OK. Whatever. What are you guys doing anyway?
QL: We're having a battle.
CAD: Uh, no. No you're not. I've seen battle. This isn't that.
MP: It's a battle of wits.
CAD: For the Queen?
MP: *nods*
CAD: To the death?
MP: *nods* You see, friend, we two were sent to apprehend or dismember the Queen.
RS: Either way, really.
MP: But she's a clever foe.
RS: Hence, why we two specifically were dispatched for this task.
MP: So we challenged her to a battle by proxy, and here we are.
QL: Quite a civil war.
RS: *Chuckle*

What the SAM W. HECK is wrong with theses guys?

>Heft WHALE, search for MIXOLOGY CRAP


Nash said...

Toss the whale on top of the cabinet. Whatever happens, it might get messy.

Also is ther a fire out the door?

Unknown said...

Look for drink mix in the cabinets, to make some MANA DRINK. Sip as needed.

Buff yourself with HUSH CAST.

Sit back, and cast TURN DICE to manipulate dice rolls in the queens favor.

Shar said...