Friday, October 1, 2010

195 - Go EAST with PARTY

RHYS: OBJECTION! I demand to be let back into this comic!
ANDREW: Mr. O'Callahan! This outburst is completely out of place in a court of law!
RHYS: This isn't a court of law, it's a webcomic! I'm the main character and I haven't had any screen time since episode 108!
ANDREW: This is a comic about a group of characters; you're not the main character.
RHYS: HOLD IT! What you're saying contradicts the evidence!
ANDREW: What evidence?
RHYS: Look at the banner at the top of the screen! I'm the main focus! Look at the characters page! I'm the first one! Look at your own notes! I'm the main character! I deserve more screen time!
ANDREW: Look, we'll get back to you, OK?
RHYS: Not OK! Am I still passed out? Am I still on my quest? I demand answers!
ANDREW: . . . soon. OK?
RHYS: It had better be soon....

>Please, go EAST with PARTY


CageyJay said...

Sounds like a mutiny. Next move should be entirely artist's choice, then? :D

obes said...


Shar said...

Cut to RHYS.

Andrew said...

I can't immediately cave in to pressure from Rhys! Giving the characters that much control would set a bad precedent.