Tuesday, April 20, 2010

45-46 Examine GLASSES

45 - Examine GLASSES(45) You step in closer to examine MC's GLASSES. The lenses are very thick and the frames look pretty solid as well. The CANDAEMON's eyes look absolutely huge behind those glasses. Really huge. You may be... too close?

MC: You are too close. You should probably be aware that you smell exceedingly edible.

46 - Compliment MC's TUSKS
(46) You compliment the MYOPIC CANDAEMON's TUSKS, which he then reveals?--- OH MY!

Those TUSKS are horrific! Maybe he should be called DENTAL NIGHTMARE CANDAEMON!

...there may have been something else you wanted to say or ask about the TUSKS, but dang... yeah, you probably don't want to mention those again. Ever.



Andrew said...

Oh, were you referring to his HORNS when you said TUSKS? Ah. That would have made more sense, wouldn't it? Oh well.

Jesse said...

Consult map
Give jawbreakers to candaemon

brenderlin said...

PUNCH CANDAEMON in the SNOUT to establish dominance.

Andrew said...

@matt: Don't you mean "Blatantly STEAL JOKE from PROBLEM SLEUTH"? I'm trying to avoid that!

brenderlin said...

But I'm the player! You have to do what I say?

Oh, that's not how this works? Okay.

In that case,