Wednesday, April 21, 2010

52 - Go WEST

52 - Follow MC through DOORWAY, go WEST.(52) You head further WEST, following the MYOPIC CANDAEMON's path of egress.
You are in a CORRIDOR which looks somewhat different than the previous CORRIDOR. On the wall is a sign for DARWINIAN INDUSTRIES, which appears to imply that you have been in REFUGE 3. Below this on the wall is a small POWER INDICATOR. Around a small corner you can see a LADDER leading UP and a BUTTON labeled "Press to Open DO NOT PRESS!"

You see no sign of the MYOPIC CANDAEMON.



Andrew said...

There we go, up to date with the suggestions. Suggest more things!

brenderlin said...


OOG: So am I led to believe our as yet un-named character*, only has EIGHT (8) WICKED AWESOME POCKETS? If that is the case, why does the WICKED AWESOME SUIT take up one of the aforementioned WApockets (which are, presumably on the WAsuit itself, thus confounding the very laws of physics)?

Also, those four red pixels above our as yet un-named character*'s breast pocket indeed a RED HANKERCHIEF? (I would hope it was a WICKED AWESOME one, but I don't dare to assume such a thing). Perhaps he's wearing one of those suits that sews in a false, functionless hankerchief into a false, functionless pocket? But then such a pocket/hankerchief combo would detract points from the suits' WICKED AWESOME status, would it not?

*That is, the DM rejected all name suggestions in-game.

brenderlin said...

Also, MISS the MC. HOPE that he'll be alright.