Sunday, April 18, 2010

32-36 - Move the N to the END in DESPERATION!

32 - Move the N to the END in DESPERATION!
You rearrange the SCRABBLE TILES to say O P E N. The box lid pops open! Inside is a SMALL KEY and a NOTE.

33 - Take KEY and NOTE
You take the SMALL KEY and NOTE and put them in your WICKED AWESOME POCKETS.

34 - Open DOOR
You remove the SMALL KEY from your WICKED AWESOME POCKET and open the DOOR.

35 - Read NOTE
You read the NOTE. It says:

"Please sit tight! Please do not under any circumstances (D) Leave the Room! The Candaemons will make short work of you! The warnings about (A) Magic and (B) Animal Noises were just for Fluff, but for the LOVE of the GODS! DO NOT OPEN (THE) DOOR! We locked this key in here for a reason!"

36 - Look OUTSIDE
You look out the DOOR and examine the room beyond. It is a long corridor, well-lit by RECESSED LIGHTING. Near your end is a SHELVING UNIT, which is empty, and a VENDING MACHINE advertising ONE UP, which claims to be better than any other drink in every conceivable way. Toward the other end of the corridor is a large... MONSTER(?) of some sort. It is polishing its thick GLASSES and does not yet seem to see YOU.


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