Sunday, April 18, 2010

41 - Talk to MONSTER

(41) You approach the MONSTER and greet it WARMLY. The MONSTER dons his GLASSES and returns your greeting.

You: Hello, MONSTER.
MC: Hello. How are you doing?
You: I am well, thank you.
MC: That is good. Tell me, did you happen to come out of that DOOR down the hall?
You: Why, yes. Yes I did. Why?
MC: Oh, dear. That is quite troubling. You see, I have been watching that DOOR (quite like a hawk) for around a hundred and fifty years now. Honestly, I didn't think anyone would ever come out.
You: Why have you been watching said DOOR?
MC: Oh, you know how it is. The apocalypse happens and us CANDAEMONS are assigned to make sure no one emerges from a DARWINIAN REFUGE, like this one. We're supposed to eat any survivors after gutting them viciously.
(The MONSTER hefts his CANDY CANE SCYTHE in a nonchalantly menacing manner.)
MC: I might still do that.... Anyway, you can call me MYOPIC CANDAEMON. What is your name?

That's a dang fine question! What IS your name?



Andrew said...

Oh, yeah, PNG files are a lot better. Remember that you can put multiple suggestions for actions or whatnot and I will pick and choose from among them. Or make something up if nothing really catches my fancy....

brenderlin said...


ASK "What is on the other side of that DOOR you're GUARDING?"

Also ASK if he's seen a DUCK around these parts recently.

brenderlin said...

OOG: I kind of want to share this with as many people as possible.

ASK PERMISSION of ANDREW to POST this on my FACEBOOK and TWITTER page(s), and other various places on TEH INTARWEBS.

Andrew said...

(x) After literally moments of deliberation, ANDREW grants you PERMISSION.

Jaimie said...

Say: I'm the pasty skinned Candaemon.

Ask: Can't you recognize one of your own kind?

Faryn Pearl said...

IGNORE question about name and tell MYOPIC CANDAEMON a joke. Then try to walk WEST to leave room.

Anonymous said...

Charlie McLoonybin

Unknown said...