Saturday, April 17, 2010

11 - 17 - IT'S A TRAP!

11 - IT'S A TRAP!
The TRAP silently agrees.

12 - Read PAMPHLET
You read the PAMPHLET. It reads:

"Welcome to your New Home! You have been selected to Survive the Apocalypse! Congratulations on your luck! You are currently in Your Room, where you have been locked For Your Own Safety. Please sit tight. Please do not (A) Engage in Magic. (B) Make Animal Noises, or (C) Solve the PUZZLE BOX under the BED. Also, (D) Don't Leave The Room or the Candaemons will Kill You (E)."

13 - HOPE that PAMPHLET contains INFORMATION on how to get ahead
You check your WICKED AWESOME POCKETS but have no HOPE.

14-17 - HISS like a MAGIC DRAGON while SOLVING the PUZZLE BOX and STEPPING outside the DOOR
(14) Gods darn it.
(15) OK, you HISS like a MAGIC DRAGON, but nothing happens.
(16) The PUZZLE BOX is still under the BED.
(17) The DOOR (WEST) is still freaking locked. Do you even listen?

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