Saturday, April 17, 2010

1-5 - Get YE FLASK.

1 - Get YE FLASK
You cannot get YE FLASK, as there is no YE FLASK in the room.

2 - Go WEST
You try the DOOR, which is apparently to the WEST. It is locked.

3 - XYZZY!
You try to either activate a cheat code or remember the mnemonic for cross-multiplication. Both attempts fail.

4 - Put on ROBE and WIZARD HAT
Why would you wear a ROBE (which is not in the room), when you are already wearing a WICKED AWESOME SUIT? You don the WIZARD HAT, though. You feel more magical.

Presumably you meant look "at" inventory? Something like that? You currently have your WICKED AWESOME SUIT, your WIZARD HAT, a PAMPHLET, and 64 VARIOUS MONIES.

>Consult the MAGIC 8-BALL for IDEAS

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