Friday, April 23, 2010

58-59 - Purchase Soda

58 - Purchase ONE (1) of each SODA from VENDING MACHINES with VARIOUS MONIES.

(58) You purchase ONE (1) CAN OF ROKKIT JUICE and ONE (1) CAN OF MULE KICK from the ROKKIT JUICE VENDING MACHINE and MULE KICK VENDING MACHINE (respectively), spending 10 VARIOUS MONIES to do so (49 left). That's funny. The MULE KICK VENDING MACHINE was out of three of its flavors, and the CAN you got looks... odd. Meh. In order to fit them into your WICKED AWESOME POCKETS, you put down your BOOK OF MATCHES. It was dead weight anyway, never did any right by you. You stash the CANS (which conveniently both fit in one POCKET).

(59) Your anger toward the vast FACELESS CORPORATION that manufactures MULE KICK finally reaches a boiling point. You can't take it any more! With a leap, you execute a FUNDAMENTALLY SOUND ATTACK, kicking the everloving crap out of the MULE KICK VENDING MACHINE. The fundamentals, man. You gotta keep up with the fundamentals. In your haste, you somehow manage to knock your BOOK OF MATCHES down the HATCH.
You land and fall against the wall. The SHEER POWER of your kick has triggered a HIDDEN MECHANISM, causing the MULE KICK VENDING MACHINE to retract into the side wall, and revealing a SECRET PASSAGE. And it's all thanks to the fundamentals, man. The fundamentals.

The MUSIC from the WEST has changed to a new SONG.



Andrew said...

OK, more suggestions. Go!

Andrew said...

Aw, crap, I screwed this one up. Fixing...

Andrew said...

Fixed! Continuity tenuously restored!