Sunday, April 18, 2010

25-31 - Flip Switch

25 - Flip Switch
You flip the SWITCH. The LIGHTBULB resumes its illumination of the ROOM.

26 - Examine BED
You examine the BED. It is a simple, metal framed affair, with a thin mattress, thin blankets, and a thin pillow. Underneath the BED you find a WOODEN BOX and some SAUCY LITERATURE. You put them on top of the BED.

You flip through the SAUCY LITERATURE. You never knew that there was so much information out there about gravy, salsa, and other sauces. A section on B├ęchamel sauce catches your eye, but it seems far too technical for you right now.

28 - Fine. Open BOX
The WOODEN BOX is locked! There is a simple puzzle on its lid. Four scrabble tiles are in small grooves. They spell P E O N.

29 - Use BOAR with BOX
NOPE. You can't use the TEDDY BOAR with the WOODEN BOX. That makes no sense. You do feel an odd attachment to this small, stuffed animal, though. It's so soft... so... very... soft....

30 - Rearrange LETTERS to spell NOPE
You rearrange the SCRABBLE TILES to say N O P E. Nothing happens.

31 - The DUCK is disappointed in you.
He thought you were better than this.

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