Wednesday, July 28, 2010

155 - Be... dead?

You throw down your hat in disgust and angrily shake your fist. That somewhat handsome rube pilfered your cube! Oh, he'll rue the day. Rue the day he forced you to use words like "rube" and "rue!" THOSE AREN'T WORDS YOU USUALLY USE! Where did that guy come from anyway? Wherever it is, he won't be able to hide forever from CADUNGERY MUFFINBOTTOM III, not by the evil-twin hair of your CHINNY-CHIN-CHIN!


That's not you.... 

Hold on.

Ah, here we go.

Meanwhile, in a PARALLEL UNIVERSE....
You are back in your ROOM after your disconcerting adventure in some kind of PARALLEL UNIVERSE. For a moment, you're not entirely sure where you are. It's like you're simultaneously living and dead. CURSE YOU, SCIENCE!

You swiped that somewhat handsome guy's RUBIK'S CUBE and instantly appeared back here. Your TEDDY HIPPO looks like he's been worried sick. Oh, his poor NERVES!

Anyway, you pocket the RUBIK'S CUBE(S).

What next?


Anonymous said...

turn around quick! its a duck!

put on wizard hat.

examine puzzle.

Matt said...

...and then quickly FORGET about the STUPID PUZZLE, and charge headfirst out the DOOR! There's dungeons to be delved!

Mike R said...

/name hippo Paddington Hippo

Andrew said...

Wicked Awesome News has updated in the right column. Summary: I'm gonna be gone 'til Monday. Sorry, but your update is in another castle.

Anonymous said...

Look under bed for box containg key elements that shed some light on how to escape.