Sunday, July 11, 2010

144 - For the love of BISON, CLIMB!!!


All around the room, the EXITS are sealed by heavy EMERGENCY PRESSURE DOORS. The doors to the LADDER start to close, then stop, sliding back open. What the--- pflarb! Water in your mouth! Pflurble!

You sprint for the LADDER as water begins to quickly fill the room.

Gotta Hurry! Gotta climb faster! Like a NAVY SEAL! Or, like, a CLOWN! They climb LADDERS really fast, don't they? To get to the TRAPEZE? Or is that just ACROBATS? YOU DON'T KNOW! YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW!!! You can see the hatch to the ROOM above just ahead, JUST A LITTLE FURTHER!!!

>Finish climbing


Andrew said...

Next time: >Finish climbing!

OK, so we know that at the top of the ladder is another circular hub-like room. What else is all up in there?

Shar said...

Happy Birthday!

Slide hands up the sides of the ladder rather than grabbing rungs - it's faster.

Unknown said...

M BISON, napping quietly in a huge pile of CANDIMP dust.

The DOOR to the BATHSPHERE, SEALED by some sinister MACGUFFIN ITEM COLLECTION mechanism.

Mike R said...

a Sinister Mule kick labratory.

Tobias said...

Be sure to follow proper ladder ascention safety procedure! Turn to face the ladder and keep three points of contact at all times!

Anonymous said...

Elliot and gang are at the top trying to unseal the door to the escape vehicle, but are unable to solve the ensuing puzzle without your help. Plus now that the water is filling up they REALLY need your help. Maybe it's them that kept the ladder doors open for you.

Anonymous said...

or the Mysterious Oxygen Breathing statue?