Monday, August 2, 2010

156 - Wear HAT, Examine PUZZLE

That other handsome guy in the WICKED AWESOME BLUE ENSEMBLE looked pretty cool in that WIZARD'S HAT, so you pick ups yours and slip it on. You thought you might have seen something on the BED, so you hop up on top of PADDINGTON SATCHMO HIPPO (oh, you named him, then? Didn't feel like telling us? Jerk.) and take a look. Hmm. Nothing there now. You could have sworn there was a DUCK, but that's ridiculous. You're getting off track. Finally time to check out that PUZZLE on the wall.
All right. Let's do this thing. There are three LASER PROJECTORS to the left, able to be connected to a POWER SOURCE via ADJUSTABLE CIRCUITS. Hanging from two BUCKETS on a SCALE (which can probably be filled to change the balance and raise or lower) are strings with COLORED PRISMS (or BROWN WOODEN BLOCKERS). Presumably, the LASERS will pass through the COLORED PRISMS in an attempt to have properly colored LIGHT reach the proper RECEPTORS to the right. There are slots on the wall where GLASS ANGLES can be placed. The ANGLES pass half of the LIGHT through, while directing the other half in the direction of the ANGLE. Presumably you need light to be at full strength when it reaches the RECEPTORS in order to activate them, and all RECEPTORS must be lit up at once to release the KEY in the BOX, which will open the door. What COLORED LIGHT activates which RECEPTORS? There's no way to tell without EXTENSIVE TRIAL AND ERROR! You had better get started if you want to solve this COMPLICATED BUT FULFILLING PUZZLE!
>Use MAGIC, punch PUZZLE


Mike R said...

have hippo smash key box with awsome vezuvulla sonic waves.

and turn on all the lasers.

Matt said...



Kyle said...

Realize that the LASER PROJECTORS do not appear to be grounded to the POWER SOURCE in any way, meaning that they will not power on when connected to the POWER SOURCE, or will probably short circuit and fail because of faulty LASER CIRCUIT DESIGN.

In response, use MAGIC to destroy BOX, even if aforementioned circuit logic is determined to be false.