Monday, July 26, 2010

153 - Tamper with RUBIK'S HYPERCUBE

Something strikes you as odd as you pocket the RUBIK'S CUBE. For one thing, you hear a CAT both meow and... not meow. How do you hear this? How can you be hearing nothing? Is it SCIENCE?

ALAN would understand. But you're not ALAN, because he's a NERD and also because he's a DIFFERENT PERSON than YOU. Man. That much thinking makes your BRAIN hurt.

Still, the weird stuff (SCIENCE AGAIN???) seemed to have something to do with the RUBIK'S CUBE, so the best course of action is to screw around with it.

You turn one of the sides.


>Grab other RUBIK'S CUBE


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Grab his cube, then rotate yours back to how it was.