Saturday, July 3, 2010

139 - Use CAMERAS to watch ELLIOT

You use CAM.EXE and quickly find your your way to ELLIOT'S ROOM, circa 1 hour ago. At first, you think he's already dead on the BED, but events soon illustrate that he's quite alive. The events can be summarized as follows.
  1. The GLASS TUBE that ELLIOT is in rises up, after which he wakes up.
  2. He reads the NOTE on the floor to the LEFT.
  3. He converses with and befriends the TEDDY BADGER by the DOOR. He probably names him.
  4. Elliot collects a TANTO BLADE, some NINJA STARS, and VARIOUS MONIES from the floor.
  5. He takes the LIGHT GEM (now your S.L.I.G.) from the TABLE, along with a LUNCHBOX labeled E.D.E.M.M. What the heck is that?
  6. He takes a BOMB from beneath the table, placing it by the door.
  7. He pulls out a GO SIGN and MUG from under the BED, tossing them across the room. He doesn't seem to want them.
  8. Elliot kicks over the TABLE to use it as a shield, setting the BOMB by the DOOR before crouching behind his improvised barricade with the TEDDY BADGER.
  9. The DOOR is partially destroyed by the BOMB.
  10. Elliot and his TEDDY BADGER proceed out the door.
  1. Elliot buys and drinks a few CANS OF ONE-UP. He then proceeds down the TUNNEL.
  2. He meets a MILDLY CROSS-EYED CANDAEMON. They converse at length.
  3. Elliot combines the JACK IN A BOX he just found with his TANTO BLADE.
  4. For some reason the CANDAEMON consumes this JACK-KNIFE IN A BOX.
  5. Elliot retrieves his TANTO BLADE and JACK IN A BOX from the CANDAEMON'S GAPING CHEST WOUND.
  6. Elliot pulls off the CANDAEMON'S CLAWS, equipping them on his TEDDY BADGER (now a TEDDY BADGER WITH CLAWS).
  7. He goes back, grabs the DEAD BODY version of himself, then picks up the CANDAEMON'S RADIO and proceeds into the next room, the CENTRAL HUB.
  8. He appears to hear something, dropping the CORPSE ELLIOT, LIGHT GEM, and NINJA STARS by the STAIRS and quickly retreating to his TUNNEL.
  9. Ah. This is when you and M. BISON enter the CENTRAL HUB.
Yeah, you remember this point. You came in, saw the CORPSE, collected the NINJA STARS and S.L.I.G., then used your SCREWDRIVER to pull off the VENT COVER, hiding inside as the MASS of CANDAEMONS and CANDIMPS came up. M. BISON played INANIMATE and you later descended to explore the DUCTWORK.

What happened since then? (You continue to watch, adjusting the quality of the picture so that it isn't so static-y.)



Andrew said...

Well... what happens next? I guess you're now in SUMMARIZED CONTROL of Elliot, his Teddy Badger, and M. Bison.

Unknown said...

A TEDDY-BADGER-WITH-CLAWS-IN-A-BOX is slid into the room! Upon investigation, it BURSTS OPEN with BADGER FURY.


M. BISON takes the chance to ESCAPE.

The CAMERA is destroyed by an errant SHOTGUN BLAST.

obes said...

ELLIOT walks into the room holding M. BISON. and says "I think you droped this"