Friday, July 23, 2010

150 - Fill INVENTORY, solve PUZZLE, and use HAIR GEL with TORCH

Spying the VARIOUS MONIES on the floor, you quickly snatch them up. Never know when you're gonna need some POCKET CHANGE.

Next, you grab the BEER BONG VEVUZELA and shove it into your INVENTORY. Should be useful for consuming large quantities of alcohol quickly supporting your favorite SPORTS TEAM.

You flip open the top PIZZA BOX and inside you find a full PEPPERONI PIZZA, piping hot! How is it still warm? Best not to think about it.

You head up to the sleeping TEDDY HIPPO and... you head up there and....


No, no. Take your time. It's not like we have a whole pile of COMMANDS waiting for you.

Just... just keep going to town on that SLICE O' PEPPERONI.

>Wake the TEDDY HIPPO, give HORN

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Andrew said...

OK, so there are a whole lot of suggestions to work through. Just because I haven't used one yet doesn't mean I'm not going to. The suggestions from yesterday might dominate this coming week. Feel free to keep making suggestions, and I'll work on working them in.