Tuesday, July 6, 2010


You lose track of ELLIOT's movements for a moment, and the next thing you see is the JACK-IN-A-BOX behind two of the CANDIMPS. How did that get there?

Hey... it's playing...

All around the MULBERRY BUSH,
the MONKEY chased the BADGER,
the MONKEY thought 'twas all in fun...


And... you figured out how to get it in LIVING DYING COLOR.

The BADGER (WITH CLAWS) emerged from the JACK-IN-THE-BOX and went claw crazy on the two closest CANDIMPS, scratching the ever-loving crap out of them.

ELLIOT appeared out of NOWHERE, grabbing the TANTO BLADE out of his DEAD COUNTERPART and stabbing the CHEST/BRAIN of nearby enemies. Man, that boy is STONE COLD DEADLY.

LIEUTENANT M. BISON takes advantage of the opportunity, headbutting the CAMO CANDIMP. The last thing you see from him, he's escaping towards the LADDER UP at the back of the HUB.

Only one CANDIMP seems to have control of himself, the COVER-ALL CANDIMP. He's blasting his SHOTGUN almost indiscriminately. In fact, he's shooting so wildly, he takes out the CAMERA. Blast!


Well, that seems like that it for the COMPUTER. Your little pal SCUZZY THE MOUSE looks like she's getting tired. Maybe it's time to move on....

>Sneak to HUB


Unknown said...

SNEEK into the hub (assumedly, from pod 4)

Mike said...

leave room before inevitable doom ensues.

Tobias said...

Wow, that was comically violent.

Sneak to the HUB and check the CARNAGE. Follow that BISON!