Friday, July 9, 2010

143 - Loot LOOT

Man, for a second there, you thought that CANDIMP was gonna catch the SWEAR JAR. But no, he didn't, and he's no longer an obstacle. You've collected the RADIO and 16 VARIOUS MONIES. Nothing else here to keep you from your goal. Absolutely nothing can go wrong.

You head towards the LADDER.

Oh, hey, yeah, the CEILING DOME is leaking now. Oh, that's original. Oh, oh no, the room is going to slowly fill up with SEAWATER at about an inch per hour, or less because of the STAIRWAY DRAIN. Geez. Thank goodness no one's here to see how lame this is.


You can probably safely ignore the





Jaimie said...

Steal the duck's snorkeling equipment.

Mike R said...

CLIMB like you've never climbed before! Possible like a navy seal, or maybe a clown.

Mike R said...

i must mention the adds on the site are selling me ways to prevent floods and flood insurance. HIGHLY APPROPRIATE TO THIS CURRENT SITUATION

Unknown said...

PANIC about when the WATER hits the ELECTRIFIED POOL.

PEEK at what GREEN THING is coming through the door at DOOR 4.

Unknown said...

QUESTION how we were able to retrieve our hose from the PLOT HOOK, or WHERE our current SCREWS came from, post CRAFTING (125).

Andrew said...

Good questions.

Question one: The HOSE at the time was functioning similar to Indiana Jones' whip. After he swings from something, it unfurls and he can take it onward.

Question Two: The SCREWS came from unscrewing and then prying up the VENT here in the HUB back in 127.