Thursday, July 22, 2010

149 - WAKE UP!

Did... did you just fart? Oh, come on, that's so sophomoric. It--- huh?

Air filtration systems failing?

OK, so passing gas helped. Great. That sets a wonderful precedent.

The room lights come up and you awaken (through a similar process to one we've already seen). Finally. Lazy jerk.

You are in a dank and cluttered CAVE ROOM, illuminated by some TORCHES. In the room are a BED and a TABLE. On the TABLE there are... holy crap. There's a lot of stuff in here. OK, on the TABLE there are two POTIONS (Blue and Green), a MAGIC MARKER, a FISH LAMP, and a solved RUBIK'S CUBE. On the floor near the TABLE are two more POTIONS (Green and Red), a HAIR GEL BOTTLE, a SMALL DEAD FISH, a CHEW TOY (Red, Bone-shaped?), some VARIOUS MONIES and a FOOTBALL. To your SOUTH is a WIZARD HAT. Towards the DOOR is a VUVUZELA (Red) and a stack of CORRUGATED CARDBOARD PIZZA BOXES (from PIZZA OR DEATH, apparently). A nice THROW RUG is nearby. On the BED is a sleeping STUFFED HIPPO (WITHOUT... SOMETHING?). He sure seems comfortable. On the stone WALL is a SIGN, a small FOUNTAIN, and an obnoxious and gratuitous DEVILISH/FREAKISH PUZZLE of some sort (which appears to be securing a KEY). There is only one visible DOOR out of the room.

>Fill INVENTORY, solve PUZZLE, and use HAIR GEL with TORCH


Mike R said...

Okay. lots to do. Time to get cracking. Collect VM, rubix cube, Magic Marker, Vuvuzela, dead fish, and as many potions as you can. look under and in pizza boxes.

Unknown said...

Check inside the Pizza boxes, and under the throw rug. Look inside the pool of water. Gently shake the HIPPO awake.

Kyle said...

Use HAIR GEL on TORCH (west wall).

Joel said...

Investigate/inspect puzzle and switches on the north wall.

Anonymous said...

You just woke up, wouldn't you be thirsty? shouldnt we drink one of the potions? Just a sip maybe? Or is it too soon? Not meant for us? My vote would be the blue one, nothing bad ever come from blue.

Anonymous said...

Attach vuvuzela to hippo once we have befriended him to make Hippo with horn!